How not to fail the IELTS 21 times

Last Published: 27/02/22
A recent article in the Australian media showcased a student who had failed the IELTS Writing section over 20 times. After spending almost $8000 in the process, this student describes feeling harassed: "I get bands in every module except writing."

The IELTS writing section can be a real challenge. So many students fail to meet the writing thresholds required for university admissions or visas.

What is the solution?

The key to writing well is this: regular practice with personal feedback. In the lead-up to your exam date, make sure to write practice essays under exam conditions and get someone to read them. Go over your corrected essays and try to improve. We recommend writing at least 5 full practice essays before sitting the IELTS exam.

One way to get feedback immediately is to use Graid – our online writing coach, tailored for the IELTS test. When you submit an essay, Graid gives you an estimated score and personal feedback in seconds. Register here to get a free trial.

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