The Graid Mission
Graid believes that IELTS study can be done better. All students studying for the exam should have access to affordable and reliable study assistance. Graid leverages the power of technological solutions to make this aspiration a reality. Graid stands for innovation, achievement and collaboration.
The Technology
Graid operates through a customised algorithm that evaluates essays using natural language processing techniques (NLP). The Graid algorithm has been 'trained' on thousands of IELTS essays to recognise the attributes of a successful essay and to apply these insights to student work. Graid's algorithm technology can be customised for other educational test formats.
The Team
Graid was founded by a group of engineers and educators who are passionate about the possibilities for AI in education.
Tom Seneviratne, CEO and Founder
Tom is an innovator with experience in developing novel solutions to transform organisational processes using Artificial Intelligence and state of the art computing techniques. His previous solutions have successfully been deployed in the finance and defence industries.

Prior to founding Blue Orange AI Tom was a Systems Engineer with Boeing Defence Australia where he worked in their research and development group, Phantom Works International. During his time at Boeing he worked on predictive maintenance systems for military platforms.

Tom holds a BEng (Mechatronics) from the University of Sydney, held an internship with the team that had the world autonomous sailing record at ISAE in France and spent 1 year at McMaster University in Canada.
Greg Parkinson, Head of Teaching
Greg Parkinson is an ESOL teacher with fourteen years’ experience. Prior to joining Blue Orange AI he taught for thirteen years in South Korea. During that time he was an Assistant Professor at Gachon University where he won the Prize for Teaching Excellence on three separate occasions. Since 2017 he works at Waikato Pathways College on campus at the University of Waikato. He is also a private IELTS tutor.

Since joining Blue Orange AI as the Head of Teaching, Greg has been responsible for the development and delivery of courses using the Graid platform.

Greg has a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language from the University of Birmingham, a CELTA Certificate, a TESOL Certificate and IELTS Teacher Training Programme Certificate. He has also authored two series of ESL coursebooks: Grammar High and Writing Jump.
Dr. Stuart Cottle, Director of Content
Stuart has extensive experience in the tertiary education sector. He has held teaching positions at the University of Sydney, Australian Film Television and Radio School, and the National Institute of Dramatic Art. He has tutored English for fifteen years' and understands the importance of English Proficiency for international tertiary students. He currently manages the development of Graid's content.

Since joining Blue Orange AI, Stuart has been responsible for managing the development and delivery of Graid content and the ongoing communications with Graid subscribers.

Stuart holds a PhD in Arts and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Sydney.