The Graid Mission
Graid believes that IELTS study can be done better. All students studying for the exam should have access to affordable and reliable study assistance. Graid leverages the power of technological solutions to make this aspiration a reality. Graid stands for innovation, achievement and collaboration.
The Technology
Graid operates through a customised algorithm that evaluates essays using natural language processing techniques (NLP). The Graid algorithm has been 'trained'on thousands of IELTS essays to recognise the attributes of a successful essay and to apply these insights to student work. Graid's algorithm technology can be customised for other educational test formats.
The Team
Graid was founded by a group of engineers and educators who are passionate about the possibilities for AI in education.
Tom Seneviratne
Tom is the CEO and founder of Blue Orange AI the company which created Graid. He is a software engineer and data scientist with a background working in the aviation industry. He is the architect of Graid's AI capabilities.
Stuart Cottle
Stuart has extensive experience in the tertiary education sector. He has tutored English for fifteen years and understands the language learning needs of international tertiary students. He manages the development of Graid's content.
Greg Parkinson
Greg Parkinson is an ESOL teacher with fourteen years experience. He taught for thirteen years in South Korea and was an Assistant Professor at the Gachon University for ten years where he won the Prize for Teaching Excellence on multiple occassions.